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Oh No Noh Radioh - monthly series of radio concerts with changing guests and experimental concepts, curated by Oh No Noh.



Sphere Radio: 

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Markus Rom is protagonist of the long-term experiment "Oh No Noh" and works with this alter ego since 2019. He released several records on the Leipzig label TELESKOP, played numerous concerts and festivals and worked on various interdisciplinary collaborations.



To draw inspiration from regular, musical collaborations, in 2020 he started the radio format "Oh No Noh Radioh", dedicated to unconventional approaches to music. 

Each episode features a guest musician with whom he follows a roughly defined concept, idea, or inspiration that serves as the starting point for a half-hour musical journey - for example, a particular style of playing, a musical reduction, or a special kind of sampling. The guests of the already more than thirty episodes range from jazz keyboardist Liz Kosack to ambient producer KMRU, turntable virtuoso Vincent von Schlippenbach, Notwist drummer Andi Haberl and sound artist Elsa M'Bala.

The resulting music sounds at times like ambient, like minimal music, like sound art, like indie, and at times a mix of all of the above.

The common thread running through all these musical experiments is Oh No Noh's unmistakable sound language and the use of his special instrumentarium, which, in addition to the guitar as the main instrument, includes self-programmed sound robots and prepared audio cassettes.  Besides the purpose of this series, the regular exploration of new possibilities of music making, a steadily growing collection of interesting and worth hearing music between improvisation and conceptual composition is created.

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Oh No Noh Radioh is released monthly by the Leipzig based online radio "Sphere Radio" all already released episodes can be found on Bandcamp (Incl Video) and Spotify.

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